ALAS Girls T-Shirt

I love T-Shirts almost as much as I love tights, mini-skirts and little black dresses.  Ok maybe just as much, you can’t rank these things.

While I love T-Shirts, I also love pin-ups which means I love Charm School art by Krysztof Nemeth.

Loving T-Shirts, pin-ups and the *cough* occasional *cough* martini means I have no choice but to love the Art and Liquor Appreciation Society shirt from Krysztof. In fact, not only do I own one, but I bought a couple to give to friends.  Best! Shirts! Ever!  Seriously.


Since I’m already pimping Krysztof’s work, check out all the other cool stuff his girls are on. I’m lucky enough to have autographed copies of his books and while they don’t appear to be available (Woo!  I’m special!), keep an eye out for a new edition in the future.

Posted on: Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 12:56 pm.
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